These products work directly over the skin’s cells, helping extract through the pores, the toxins and adiposities trapped between the intradermic layers, reducing sizes and slimming with their use.

The duration of these products is subjected to each person’s use and/or requirements. These products are used in small quantities and they should last for multiple applications.

These products may be applied as often as wanted, however, it is recommended to apply them once or twice per week, due to the fact that the product’s components keep on acting over the skin even after the application process is over. The effects may not be greater if applied more than the recommended amount.

These products are 100% natural; they may be used during pregnancy although it’s not recommended due to the fact that the baby needs the mother’s natural fats.

These products may be applied on children because they are hypoallergenic, 100% organic and harmless for the skin.

These products may be applied anywhere on the body, including the face.

These products may be applied on any type of skin since it balances its pH and anomalies.

These products have no contraindications because they are elaborated from essential proteins extracted via hydrolysis from hair’s keratin amino acids.